Provides intensive training to fresh graduates as well for working programmers in MFC (Microsoft Foundation Classes Library). We present the MFC structure and its advanced concepts (e.g. Document/View architecture, SDI, MDI, COM, ODBC and DAO programming). You will become familiar with many base classes and inheritence hierarchy, understand how the object interacts for providing a windows application. The presentation of each course is always tailored to the background, interests, and objectives of the participants.

Proposed Agenda

    • Welcome and Introductions; Overview and Review of Objectives
    • C++ basics
    • Object Oriented with C++
    • Windows programming model
    • Messahe handling
    • MFC exceptions
    • Smart pointers and Debug support
    • Collections
    • Database (ODBC)
    • MFC COM objects
    • MFC/ATL integration
    • Implementing multiple interfaces with COM
    • Handling events
    • Dictionary application – a client-server app


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