Provides intensive training to fresh graduates as well for working programmers in Java Standard Edittion(Java SE). Java is the most widely used object-oriented programming language. Get started with Java technology by learning how to develop desktop applications and browser applets with Java SE. They will learn how to identify the opportunities to use these concepts in a complete development cycle. The presentation of each course is always tailored to the background, interests, and objectives of the participants.

Proposed Agenda

    • Introduction
    • What is Java (overview, platforms, jdk)
    • Java syntax (data types, instructions)
    • Java first project
    • Java vectors and strings
    • Exercise: SW Project
    • Encapsulation in Java
    • Object Lifecycle
    • Classes
    • Methods
    • Access modifiers
    • Subclassing
    • CObject class
    • Exercise: SW Project
    • Exceptions categories
    • Standard exception classes
    • User defined exceptions
    • Best practices using exceptions
    • Assertions
    • String manipulation
    • Text parsing and formating
    • Exercise: SW Project
    • Interfaces
    • Abstract classes and type generalization
    • Nested classes
    • Overloading
    • Packages
    • Classpath
    • Design Patterns (i.e. Singleton, Factory)
    • Exercise: SW Project
    • Generic classes and type parameters
    • Collections
    • List, Set, Map
    • Stack, Deque
    • The File Class
    • Reading, writing and creating files
    • Exercise: SW Project

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