Provides intensive training for working programmers in Java Standard Edittion(Java SE). Java is the most widely used object-oriented programming language. This Java SE Programming training covers the core Application Programming Interfaces (API) you’ll use to design object-oriented applications with Java. It covers writing database programs with JDBC, and how to correctly write multi-threaded application. They will learn how to identify the opportunities to use these concepts in a complete development cycle. The presentation of each course is always tailored to the background, interests, and objectives of the participants.

Proposed Agenda

    • Introduction
    • Layout of JDBC API
    • Queries and results
    • Transactions
    • DAO Pattern
    • Exercise: SW Project
    • Operating system task scheduling
    • Multithreading solutions
    • Sharing data across threads
    • Synchronization and deadlocks
    • Exercise: SW Project
    • Atomic variables
    • Read-Write Locks
    • Thread safe collections
    • Synchronizers (semaphore, phaser, etc)
    • Exercise: SW Project
    • Recognizing and appling patterns
    • Creational Patterns
    • Behavioral Patterns
    • Structural Patterns
    • Model View Controller
    • DAO Pattern
    • Exercise: SW Project
    • Junit Framework
    • Writing tests (creation, initialization,cleanup)
    • Special conditions (cexceptions, timeouts)
    • Test Suites
    • Assertion style
    • Exercise: SW Project

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