Provides intensive training to fresh graduates as well for working programmers in Architecture and/or Design activities. It allows you to reuse widely-known patterns, to create and reuse patterns specific to your organization.The course focuses on use cases and their relationship with a specific pattern. Most of the examples are explained in UML and in simple Java examples (the language can change if the course is booked as a closed course). The presentation of each course is always tailored to the background, interests, and objectives of the participants.

Proposed Agenda

    • Overview
    • Model Elements: Theory, Syntax, Examples
    • OOP Principles
    • OOP Design Fundamentals
    • Encapsulation, Specialization, Inherintence, Polymorphism
    • Strategies and implementations (factory, association, composition, etc)
    • Business Logic Domain (Object collaboration, Iterator Pattern, Propagation Pattern, Visitor Pattern)
    • Application Architecture (layering, domains, persistency, relationship)
    • Object Construction (Abstract Factory, Factory, Builder, Singleton, Prototype)
    • Structural Patterns (Facade, Wrapper, Adapter, Interface, Decorator, Proxy, Bridge, Flyweight)
    • Behavioral Patterns (Command, Observer, Mediator, Memento, State, Interpreter, Chain of Responsability)
    • Design Patterns in Java (Collections, I/O, JDBC, Applets, etc)


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