Provides intensive training to fresh graduates as well for working programmers in Android. Provides a collection of classes that aim to help you build great apps for Android. Presents the architecture, API and techniques to create robust, high performance and appealing applications for the Android devices. The presentation of each course is always tailored to the background, interests, and objectives of the participants.

Proposed Agenda

    • Android Overview and History
    • Android Stack
    • SDK Overview
    • Hello World App
    • Hello World App Demo
    • Main Building Blocks
    • Basic Android User Interface
    • Basic Android User Interface Demo
    • Android System Overview
    • Advanced Android User Interface
    • Advanced Android User Interface Demo
    • Multimedia in Android
    • Multimedia in Android Demo
    • SQL Databases in Android
    • SQL Databases in Android Demo
    • Basic Content Providers
    • Data Storage, Retrieval and Sharing
    • Data Storage, Retrieval and Sharing Demo
    • Mapping and Location Based Services
    • Mapping and Location Based Services Demo

For Phone/Tablet

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