Dr.Eng.Cristian Ruican

Cristian Ruican

Ambitious and driven professional with expert knowledge of the scientific and technical fields. Strong interpersonal skills, a friendly and approachable disposition lends to a position where subsequent reaction is required. An experienced trainer and leader with excellent presentation and personal skills. A good listener and communicator who can relate to people at all levels. Last but not least a self-starter, easily to integrate into a team environment.



Strong interpersonal skills gained from extensive study and experience. A friendly and amiable disposition lends favorably to positions where rapport & relationship building is essential.


Excellent team player, considerate and non-judgmental of team member’s input and ideas. Aims to build strong symbiotic relationships within a team environment to ensure -in the end- the team performance.


Adept and competent at staring projects on own initiative. Working efficiently in a personal environment having a common sense approach to deal with issue. See what needs to be done, and take action without guidance and orders.


Ability to encourage others to offer information and create situations where mutual benefits are clear. Perfect opportunity to make assessments of the people we meet, applying common ground in discussions.


Exceptional communicational skills. Making people comfortable to communicate freely and openly. Difficult and abstract ideas easy communication. Several trainings on soft-skills also followed.


Knowledgeable in techniques and strategies in people management. Keen to delegate and build trust with colleagues. Intuitive with regards to people’s motivators and skilled at using these to get the best of people.

Software Technology

Skills on C/C++/Java/UML/OOP, etc. Good working knowledge of hardware and common software applications like Visual C++/Eclipse/Rhapsody/Cantata/Witty/GWT. I was involved in developing complex software applications in the last more than 10 years, thus I gained also good experience in different tool chains.


Modern systems are large and complex. One of today's challenges of software engineering is to develop these systems to evolve in a continuous changing world. This is way I focus my research in understanding and managing software projects through agile mechanisms.
Given the complexity of software, we need to analyze it from different perspectives and to combine later the results. The main idea is to present heterogeneous data in a flexible and iterative way. For sure the system will remain the same; it only needs us to take a look and to highlight reliable values against our own assumptions. In this way, the software metrics will tell a good story of how the engineering effort is translated in real world projects; and lessons learnt from them can be applied in other projects as well.