Why SW Assessment is necessary

SW Assessment

Effective delivery of projects on time and on budget requires the application of a clear risk management approach throughout the whole project life cycle. The key learning from this approach is that any project estimate is meaningless without an accompanying confidence level. The assessment is designed to help software development to quantify and demonstrate performance improvement over time.

Software assessment is best viewed as a service. Positioning assessment as a support service rather than a control one generates a (positive) feedback loop which enables better decisions to be made.

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The assessment will help potential users to better understand and exploit the methodological and technological aspects of your project environment.


The assessment will identify and will propose best practices for project life-cycle, as information for management, to improve productivity development and support.


The assessment will increase the confidence about the ability to handle problems and to exhibit a better performance.

We make information more discoverable, more useful and more valuable. The goal of assessment is decision making. Effective decisions need accurate information. Software projects are large and complex in specific ways. The assessment will help managers in understanding the system in a given situation to support decision making.

How much do you know about your system? If you ask your developers (seniors and juniors alike) about the services your system provides, the answer will, for sure, miss around 25% of them. This error is not related to the level of their professional competency, but mainly to the system’s complexity and the amount of data that needs to be handled in a running project. If this ad-hoc organized team cannot answer to a simple project question with a high accuracy, then how to expect from them to take the right decisions (by sitting in the same meeting room) when the system complexity is outside and it’s increasing every day. To keep the project on its way you need to change the approach method.