Moving to Agile ?

Moving to Scrum as a project management framework looks like it should be simple but it’s harder than it looks. Is there any other way to build software? We think best practices are the key to a good software developing organization.

Doing Agile well can be challenging. One of the biggest troubles with agile development is the initial resistance to agile development shown by both developers as well as businesses. Each team needs to find how best they can apply agile and work with them. Our consultancy is designed to help teams and individuals apply Agile concepts and practices on the job. We help Agile teams plan and achieve specific deliverables, such as creating a new product backlog or integrated release plan – by providing team facilitation, real-time feedback, professional mentoring, and management consulting. By helping organizations to understand how to apply Agile through examples and real-world experiences, following a pragmatic approach, will allow to our customers to immediately leverage proven tools and techniques to boost team performance.

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Do you know exactly what you want without ambiguity at the beginning of the project? Are you sure you will never want to change your mind during the project in response to changing business requirements or simply new ideas? If the answer is No, please consider to start Agile: embraces change and innovation through-out the project.

Capacity Planner Tool

Capacity Tool

Capacity is critical to the success of a Sprint planning session. A team estimates the total number of “ideal hours” it has available to work on sprint-related tasks.

Burndown Estimator

Burndown Estimator

One of the most important advancements of Scrum compared to other frameworks is the use of a burn down chart rather than milestones to measure progress. It is simple and clear, measures real team progress.

Scrum Daily 2nd Board

Scrum White Board

Daily Scrum also known as daily standup meeting is an important element of the Scrum process. WhiteBoard is a powerful tool, but as any other tool it is good, when you know what it’s useful for and have some experience in using it.

Estimation Tool - 24h

Estimation Tool

I find the tool useful for a very high level and early estimates of projects, for initial resource sizing and business evaluation.

Agile methodologies are fundamentally different from traditional “waterfall” methodologies. When appropriate, we deploy, train and facilitate the use of different software tools-suite as your project planning and management tool for Agile projects. This includes customization for suite to your needs based on the Agile methodology chosen. It’s often not enough just to learn about Scrum—you need to experience it. There’s no better way to do this than with an experienced agile methodology trainer and coach from us at your side.