Why CONSULTING services ?

A recent IT industry study has shown that more than 95% of new projects undertaken either do not reach the desired outcome or exceed the estimated budget. In order to avoid these issues, it is important to have a tight control on budgets, times and desired results. We may help organizations to achieve optimum IT software development efficiency and to ensure that your next IT project is successful.

We provide management skills and advanced software consultancy acting as a link between your business and software developers or working with your internal managers to ensure more efficient development. We will help you to architect, design, develop, build, test and deliver your project (complete software development life cycle).

Given the complexity of software, we need to analyze it from different perspectives and to combine later the results. The main idea is to present heterogeneous data in a flexible and iterative way. For sure the system will remain the same; it only needs us to take a look and to highlight reliable values against our own assumptions. In this way, the software metrics will tell a good story of how the engineering effort is translated in real world projects; and lessons learnt from them can be applied in other projects as well. Large projects typically have higher risk and harder to control than small projects, as they involve large quantities of people, time, money and resources. So they have a lot more to lose when things go wrong!